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Silicone Sample Pack (10 Pcs)

You get all the silicone BHO containers! A massive puck, a split container, 2 ball containers, and 6 pucks. Carry your oils or waxes, and never run out of containers!

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35mm Silicone Puck × 3

Food grade BHO silicone puck. Holds 2-4 grams. Very solid and tight fit. Rounded inner corners. Wax and oil will not stick inside!

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33mm Silicone Ball × 2

Food grade BHO silicone puck. Hold 3-5 grams of oil or wax. Lets get you rolling with some dabs! Looks like a bouncy ball, so most will overlook it sitting on the counter!

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32mm Silicone Puck × 3

This food grade BHO silicone puck can hold 2-3 grams of oil or wax. We'll have you dabbing on the go in no time!

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38mm Silicone Puck (Split)

Food grade BHO silicone puck. Hold 5-8 grams of oil or wax. Split container allows you to carry two different stashes! His and hers, or go for variety.

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55mm Silicone Puck (Glow in the dark)

Food grade BHO silicone puck for waxes and oils. Glows in the dark! Holds 10-14 grams. Firm fit! You can store your bulk in this container and distribute to smaller container as needed.

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  • 3 x 32mm Silicone Puck Container
  • 3 x 35mm Silicone Puck Container
  • 2 x 33mm Silicone Ball Container
  • 1 x 38mm Split Silicone Puck Container
  • 1 x 55mm Glow in the Dark Silicone Puck Container