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Common Object Digitorch E-nail Kit

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Our flagship E-Nail, components sourced from all over the world come together in Canada to build a precision instrument of dabbing perfection. We hand tune each device to our standard 180W flat coil, guaranteeing fast nail heating times with minimal target over temperature. All of the titanium in our dabbing nails is Chinese sourced Grade 2 Aerospace Titanium as opposed to US Medical grade. What does this mean to you? For starters it’s the difference of $100 – but in use, you wouldn’t notice a difference. We do not use steel, or other substitute metals – this is g2 titanium. If you ever have an issue with your nail, contact us and we’ll hook you up. We stand behind our products here at Common Object and personally use everything we sell. This universal titanium dabbing nail will fit most any bong or waterpipe including:

  • 14mm ground glass joint – Female
  • 18mm ground glass joint – Female
  • 14mm ground glass joint – Male
  • 18mm ground glass joint – Male

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We offer an unlimited manufacturer warranty on our Digitorch Controller for a period of three years from the date of purchase. This entails device failure and does not include physical damage, or regular wear & tear. We reserve the right to refuse service if we feel your Common Object Digitorch Controller does not meet our established criteria for within warranty repairs. In this case, we will contact you to establish the best course of action for you and your controller. Unfortunately we cannot warranty coil/thermocouple pairs beyond a 180 day period as they can be destroyed through regular use. To extend the life of your heating coil, reduce the number of heating and cooling cycles your e-nail is subjected to. Avoid bringing the temperature of the e-nail coil above 800*f; our controllers come defaulted with the high temperature alarm at 800*f and should never exceed this temperature in normal operation. You will see a red light on the right side of your controller indicating high temperatures if this is the case. If you experience red/orange/white hot coils, your controller needs tuning – please contact us for further information on PID tuning, or alternatively arrange for delivery to our manufacturing facilities for a within warranty tuning.

Default 180w Coil PID Values:

  • P – 9.2
  • I – 72
  • D – 18
  • AH1 – 800
  • AL1 – 900
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