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Frequently Asked E-Nail QuestionsThere have been some serious and otherwise silly questions so far - regardless, keep them coming.

The large red rocker switch located next to the power input will toggle power to your E-Nail control box. If nothing happens when you flip this switch, check your power cord on both ends for connection and damage. If after verifying the above your e-nail still refuses to turn on, you’ve likely burnt out the pre-installed fuse. You can replace this yourself with the included spare 1amp fuse, or send us your box for repair – just pay shipping and handling.

The digital display has a series of buttons directly underneath that allow for control of your Digitorch. Pressing the up or down arrow will prompt the readout to blink, indicating a new temperature can now be set. Use the arrows to navigate to your desired temperature (approximately in fahrenheit) and then wait ten seconds for the new set point to register.

Yes you can use other hot runner coils on our E-Nail control box, but accuracy and lifetime cannot be guaranteed.

Yes. Your heating element should never get red hot during regular operation. Sometimes during the initial startup phase, the coil can glow slightly. If this does not go away, and the coil proceeds to climb higher; first check your set temperature and ensure you’re operating within a reasonable range.

If the coil continues to overheat, there may be damage to the thermocouple or connection at the coil. If this is within the 180 day period for your coil, please contact us immediately. After 180 days, you should still contact us and we’ll see if we can help you out in any way (seriously).

Yes, we suggest leaving the Digitorch on if you can.

Your E-nail will perform best and longest when kept at a constant temperature. This means power (and thermal) cycling the E-Nail is not the best thing for the lifespan of the components. We leave our nails on 24/7 and really only shut down to clean or move the setups.

First, relax.

Next, contact us so we can help you out: is the best way to reach our customer service team. We’ll do what we can to get you back to dabbing as fast as possible, that’s our Digitorch promise.