Stoner Sloth ad campaign was a huge flop January 8, 2016 – Posted in: Funny – Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

An ad campaign by NSW was recently unleashed into the wild west of the internet. The ads feature an assortment of anthropomorphized sloths dressed in human clothing.

The ads narrative tells of supposedly stoned sloths that are expected to complete human activities: dinner with the family, attending a party, high school among humans. The massive hairy mammals perform as expected – like a sloth would – get it? It’s a sloth and it’s slow like a pothead.

Stoner Sloth was received with negative reviews, with the majority of viewers finding it absurd and funny, adding their own spin on the hilarity. Classic stoner humour could be found in the Youtube comments for #StonerSloth videos.


The sentiment was shared across most every stoner – one of our staff even going so far as to hammer out a graphic for use as a wallpaper and mobile phone background. You may see Stoner Sloth on some of our merchandise in the future – keep your eyes peeled. Grab the wallpaper/background in the gallery below.

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Our own Stoner Sloth is seen wearing socks and sandals, a great excuse for the lack of juxtaposed-footwear hate in one of the featured ad segments.

The anti-drug campaign has the same purpose as most of the luxury car commercials you sit through during previews at a movie theatre. Most car commercials aren’t intended to sell you the portrayed car, the intent is to reinforce pride in the vehicle a car owner has already purchased. In a roundabout way, that’s what these stoner sloth videos do, make non-smokers feel good about their drug-free lifestyle. “You’re worse on weed,” or so the ad’s tag line says.

The ad campaign reportedly cost the NSW government a staggering $500,000 AUD – which is no small sum. The ad’s creators claim it targets teenagers and youth who have not used marijuana, which is an admirable cause. While the intent is good, the methods are questionable. We don’t think name calling is ever a great solution, particularly when it’s cost that much to come to it. We’ll concede that they may simply know their target demographic, one cannot recall an age group more prone to name calling than young teens and children.

The cherry on top? is an existing marijuana solutions provider. You can’t beat that sort of press! Congratulations to for the blunderful good luck! Looks like Christmas came early.

To the rest of us, let’s just enjoy all the spinoff humour and art that’s come as a result of such a ridiculous ad campaign.