Announcing: PurgePad XLR – Vacuum Chamber Temperature Controlled Silicone Mat June 25, 2015 – Posted in: Announcements – Tags: , , , , , , ,

Some of you may have been wondering, “What makes a Common Object digitorch controller better than the competitors?” The answer is our team. We have some very bright minds in house and a talented team of engineers managing our hardware solutions. It’s through this partnership and teamwork that we have been able to offer the next level of extract awesomeness, the Common Object PurgePad XLR. The PurgePad XLR connects directly to our standard controller with no modification necessary.


3M adhesive tape is pre-cut and installed on one side.

Built with purging solvent from BHO in mind, this heating mat is designed to operate up to a maximum of 160°f when adhered to a metal surface. Turn your standard vacuum chamber into a vacuum oven for a fraction of the cost. Using the Purge Pad to help pull butane from cannabis extracts couldn’t be easier.

  1. Simply remove the protective backing that comes with the XLR Purge Pad and stick the heating pad directly to the base of your 2, 3, or 5 gallon steel/aluminum/safe vacuum chamber.
  2. Set your new desired temperature (we don’t suggest higher than 350°f) on your Digitorch Controller.
  3. Disconnect your e-nail’s heating coil and whip assembly from the box and place aside once cool.
  4. Ensure your heating pad is properly applied to your vacuum chamber with as little air as possible between the pad and vacuum chamber.
  5. Attach the optional ground lead to your vacuum chamber as an additional safety precaution
  6. Connect the male XLR end of the purge pad to your Digitorch Controller

Some users have reported temperature discrepancies between the bottom of the Purge Pad and their vacuum chamber. This can be compensated by determining the difference between your set temperature and your actual temperature. If your set temperature is 100°f, but the working surface of the vacuum chamber reads 92°f your ‘offset’ should be 8°f for a set temperature of 108°f.

This should be all of the guidance necessary to install and start using your XLR Purge Pad.

Our Purge Pad connects directly to your existing five pin e-nail.

Our Purge Pad connects directly to your existing five pin e-nail.

If this is at all confusing or you have an issue once the Purge Pad is in your hands don’t worry, we are here to help through our multiple support channels. Just pop into live chat or send an email to and someone will be happy to help you.