We’ve got a Blog… Now What? April 27, 2015 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Alright gang, we’ve got ourselves a blog – which is probably long overdue for the amount of time we’ve been running the site.

Some people actually enjoy reading these things, and we decided we may have something interesting to write. We’ll mostly be using this blog to showcase and announce:

  • Development milestones in our products
  • Custom work
  • New product lines
  • Website changes
  • Events we’ll be attending
  • Sales and Specials
  • Affiliates, friends and their products
  • Along with anything else we feel

It likely won’t be the most active blog you ever stumble upon, but the content will be top notch. If you have any suggestions or even have a guest article you want to try to have featured, by all means – send us an email.