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About UsWe're a small team with big dreams and even bigger hearts!

Common Object was founded in 2014 as a way for two Canadian friends to purchase paraphernalia that was otherwise difficult to come by in Toronto, Ontario direct from manufacturers across the world. As with anything truly awesome our little hobby project grew organically and turned into a small distribution network between friends, sharing the deals we were able to score from different manufacturers. It’s through growing interest in Cannabis extracts and in turn, dabbing that we found ourselves eyeing devices that we would soon emulate.

Common Object is a retailer and wholesaler of paraphernalia for Medical Marijuana ease of use. We sell products for cannabis extract users such as ourselves, like our E-Nails, oil rigs, bongs, vaporizers, non-stick mats, and containers. We love what we do.

The Passion Project

Our e-nail came about as most any of our projects do; sitting down, sharing some tokes and cursing ourselves when the torch ran out of fuel. Being the resourceful little stoners that we were, we booted down to the surplus electronics shops throughout the city and hunted for components. In truth most e-nails are simple devices that have been around in some form or another for the last twenty years. It’s only recently that technology has come so far as to offer this convenient dabbing device in such a small and affordable package.

Our current e-nail is very similar to most e-nails currently on the market, and for good reason: it simply works! Our dabbing device isn’t identical to budget control units in a few ways though:

  • Every controller is protected by a fuse in an externally accessible fuse holder. This means you can replace a $0.10 fuse (available at your local hardware/hobby shop) without tools, instead of replacing an entire controller in event of a power surge or short circuit.
  • PID Tuning is something we take pride in. Some of our industry competitors simply haven’t found and set proper PID values for the heater/element/nail combination they use. This leads to shortened coil life, poor heating times, as well as risk of electrical damage.
  • Our warranty and service will not be beat. You have three years of unlimited manufacturer (us) warranty for your e-nail controller from the date of purchase. We’re so confident in the build quality and materials chosen that if you somehow manage to find a defect – we’ll send you a bunch of free loot with your replacement controller.

We Love You

In all honesty, we’re still a very small team of four passionate cannabis users who care deeply about our product and our customers. More than anything we hope to continue working with the projects, products, and people that we truly love. Thanks for checking us out and supporting our cause. Toke on.

41.9% of Americans have used Marijuana at least once.

44% of Canadians too.