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Purge accurately and without risk of ignition with our latest Digitorch Controller accessory. Connect the Purgepad XLR directly to our E-Nail controller and set your desired purge temperature.


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Our premium E-Nail replaces wasteful blowtorches and butane with an eco-friendly and efficient heating element. The DigiTorch keeps your dabbing nail at a consistent temperature using it's built in digital controller. Smoking BHO and Cannabis extracts has never been easier.


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The Common Object E-Nail

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Digital Control

Temperature control is easy with our digital readout and simple button interface. Just press the up or down arrow to set your desired temperature, and let the E-Nail do it’s job.

Universal Fit

Our E-Nail makes use of a very popular Titanium BHO nail design. This Ti domeless nail will fit nearly any oil rig, including fittings for all 18mm, and 14mm ground glass joints. This includes both male and female ground glass connections.

Premium Components

We use solid state switching relays built to withstand 3000% of the load in our control boxes. This ensures a long and consistent lifespan for your E-Nail.

Integrated Thermocouple

Our E-Nail’s use an all-in-one system to deliver and measure heat are your dabbing surface. The thermocouple integrated alongside our heating element provides quick read response and better accuracy than analog solutions.

Circuit Protection

Every Digitorch includes an integrated fuse that protects sensitive internal components from hazardous power surges.

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